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The DateDetox® Box
DateDetox® The Book
The little black box designed to replace your little black book for the next 28 days. Equipped with everything you need to get some time and space for yourself. Includes: The DateDetox® Ground Rules, A No-Contact Contract, Disaster Preparedness Plan, Calling Cards, Journal and much, much more. 
A do-it-yourself guide to DateDetox®. The ultimate antidote to toxic relationships and bad dating habits, it is a prescriptive "fix my dating life" book. It starts with an assessment, to help you figure out what's going on in your relationships, walks you through the entire 28 day DateDetox® process, and concludes with some tips to help keep you from slipping back into bad habits when you're done.  
Ready to change the way you approach dating and relationships? Why not start by attending one of our wickedly entertaining seminars? Coming to a town near you, these seminars are hosted annually in cities with the largest single populations around the country. We find the hottest bars and restaurants in town, take over the place, provide you with a couple of drinks, an evening of stories, tips, Q&A, and most importantly a chance for you to consider the prospect of starting a DateDetox® yourself. 
DateDetox® Seminars
DateDetox® Escapes
When you feel like you need to escape more than just relationships, join us for one of these amazing retreats. Hosted once a year in a beautiful awe-inspiring location; come and get away from it all. The perfect way to kick-start your DateDetox® process and get through what is arguably the toughest part (the first week), you'll literally get some time and space for yourself. Come back refreshed, relaxed and ready to not just get over someone or something - but to get your life back. 
DateDetox® Escapes